Nurse call system / Dementia patient protection system.

The requirements of these systems were mainly the conversion of wired systems into wireless systems that are radio controlled (installation work).
Our "nurse call system" consists primarily of a miniature wristwatch transmitter with emergency call button and a network of receiving stations with either LAN or WLAN interface.It can be used by a patient in the hospital to send off an emergency call, when necessary, which then triggers an alarm that is allocated to the patient, with date and time.

For the "dementia patient protection system”, there are other requirements in terms of the technology.
Here it is necessary to allow these patients to move about as freely as possible within the facilities, but not to permit them to use certain doors/exits (for their own protection).

That is why these receiving stations are designed to additionally have up to four attachable RFID call loops, which in certain places or on certain doors automatically call the watch component via this adjustable call field, and in this way the patient is recognised and appropriate action is taken. Only if a staff member for instance, is recognised simultaneously with the patient, can the door be opened.


TÜV ISO 9001 2008 Certificat