ÜSG 103 A personnel safety system for underground personnel riding.

In many underground mines, it is permitted for personnel to ride along on conveyor belts, to shorten time-consuming walks to and from the work area.Here, there is a danger that, for various reasons, the miner might miss the point where he is to get off the conveyor and he is then conveyed on to the coalbunker, for example, and may get seriously injured or even killed.

For this our ÜSG 0103-A system, combined with a personal component worn by the miner, offers a protection solution.Special customer-specific solutions for the personal component are also possible here (size, mode of carrying, integration in the helmet torch, etc.).The personal component communicates with the ÜSG 0103-A and stops the conveyor.


TÜV ISO 9001 2008 Certificat