Personnel safety system for channel baling presses in recycling yards.

The processing and disposal of waste is playing an increasingly significant role.

This naturally also produces safety hazards for the people working at the machinery used, such as "channel baling presses", which are widely used in the recycling industry.
If a person finds his way onto the conveyor belt to the press, and is incapacitated, it can lead to his death.
Our GSG 202-A safety system, which, by the way, is certified in conformance with the latest machinery directive standard DIN ISO 13849-1, prevents such accidents from occurring.To communicate with the safety system a personal component must be worn.

A personal component could be a "watch component" or a larger component, which is attached to the belt. The only difference between the two is the battery lifetime.

The system also includes a test device for testing the personal component.


TÜV ISO 9001 2008 Certificat